For decades corrugated cartons are the most effective packaging means to ensure that cared-for-products are contained and distributed across the world.

As far back as 1982, a small group of commercial farmers realized the importance of the balance between cost and integrity of their packaging requirements.  Their vision, and need to manufacture corrugated cartons which conforms to their requirements, brought to fruition the concept behind the success story of Houers Pty Ltd.

With limited capital the company was established in Letsitele in the Limpopo Province and the first corrugated cartons were supplied to the citrus producers to export their products. Soon after this the manufacturing of cartons to other agricultural sectors as well as commercial markets followed.

Manufacturing and converting more than 40 million square metres of corrugated board per annum, Houers Pty Ltd, is one of the major suppliers of corrugated cartons to the agricultural market in South Africa.

With a dynamic team, state-of– the-art machinery and leaders in product development through innovation, Houers Pty Ltd not only offers fresh ideas in packaging, but ensures that all the corrugated packaging demands from its customers are met.

The challenge is to continuously add value to the industry by delivering a quality product at competitive prices on time. Our passion is to exceed our clients’ expectations by constantly exploring new ideas and methods and to always serve the industry with integrity and distinction.